No Charges For Owner Of Snake That Ate Dog

POWELL, Ohio (AP) - No charges will be filed against the ownerof an escaped 10-foot Burmese python that ate a small dog thoughtto be a stray.

Officials discussed filing charges because the owner didn'treport the snake's escape, said Police Chief Gary Vest. But becausethe owner agreed not to keep the python, police do not expect moreproblems.

The Humane Society of Delaware County X-rayed the python afterit was found Sept. 5 with a telltale bulge in its middle under thebasement steps of a nearby home being renovated. A resident in theneighborhood reported a missing dog, but Vest said it was not theone eaten by the python.

The snake was placed with a center in Ohio that deals withexotic animals, said humane society director Misty Bay.

Burmese pythons are native to southeast Asia and can grow up to25 feet long.

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