Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Fisherman

CLEVELAND - The Coast Guard called off an extensive search on Wednesday afternoon despite the fact that a senior citizen remained missing in Lake Erie, Action News reported.

Starting on Tuesday afternoon, the Coast Guard and other local authorities combed Lake Erie, searching by air and sea, looking for a 70-year-old fisherman that they believed was in a boating accident.

Coast Guard officials said that they responded to a broken and hard to hear MAYDAY call stating that someone had hit a breakwall and was possibly taking on water.

The radio operator at Cleveland Marine Towing called the Coast Guard and said he thought that the voice sounded like it belonged to Jacob Saad, better known as "Uncle Jake" to some of the other local recreational fishermen in the area.

The Coast Guard checked the Edgewater Marina parking lot and found his truck and boat trailer.

The search for Saad is not expected to start up again unless authorities get some new information.