Court Records Reveal Disturbing Details About Murder Suspect

WOOSTER, Ohio - More than 700 pages of parole and court records that The Investigator obtained reveal disturbing details about the only suspect in the dismemberment murder of Kristen Jackson, Action News reported.

Joel Yockey admitted to "talking dirty" to young girls and to scaring them. He also admitted that he lived to prey on adolescent girls.

Tom Meyer uncovered even more shocking details inside what has become a tale of terror.

Yockey's troubles began some time ago. The 46-year-old admitted in state records that he picked up young girls four or five times and thought about raping them. It finally happened in 1986 when he beat and raped a 17-year-old in a field. Yockey admitted that he went "wacko."

"His past record infuriates me," Wooster resident Virginia Swank said. "It always makes me mad. He gets out early because of good behavior. What else can they do but behave in prison?"

Records showed that the 230-pound Yockey clearly had trouble with female relationships. Marriages to three women fell apart and wound up in divorce. He admitted to physically beating all three of his wives repeatedly during his marriages.

"What can you think … the guy is a psycho," Wooster resident James Maris said.

Yockey was found to have a pattern of sexually deviant behavior and physical abuse against women. People in Wooster have been slowly learning about his troubled life -- a life filled with uncontrollable anger by his own admission.

According to records, he took anger-management classes to figure out what caused his explosive temper.

"There has to be a better system, via the Internet or something, to make people aware," Wooster resident Bill Cross said. "Is that going to stop it all? Probably not."

Police said that the carpet in Yockey's confiscated Jeep had been thoroughly cleaned and was still soaked. They said that he lost all color in his face when he saw that police had taken the carpet and the door panels.