Man Arrested For Parking Garage Robbery

CLEVELAND – Two men didn't expect to start their day as robbery victims, but that's what happened on Tuesday in a Downtown Cleveland parking garage, Action News' Harry Boomer reported.

This comes just days after a woman was beat up while trying to park her car in an open Downtown parking lot.

Tim Gray, 32, of Akron, was robbed in a garage at East 13th Street and Chester Avenue. The other man, 40-year-old Curtis Strafford, of Cleveland, happened to walk by the robbery when the crook stuck what appeared to be a gun wrapped in a cloth into his ribs and robbed him as well.

Both men immediately went with the police to fill out a report.

People coming to work late Tuesday morning were unaware of the crime that happened about an hour earlier.

"I guess we had better be careful," worker Allison Brown said.

Other workers said that more security in Downtown parking garages couldn't hurt.

Action News was the only station that saw police haul away a 35-year-old Cleveland man. They arrested the man in front of the Greyhound terminal less than a block away from the robbery scene.

Just days earlier at an open parking lot near Playhouse Square that is also less than a block away from Tuesday's robbery scene, Loren Wolf was left beaten and bruised by a bold daytime robber.

"I didn't even have a chance to get out of the car," she said. "He came around the back and pushed me back into my car and just started wailing on me."

The attacker is still free. Police have not commented on whether the man arrested in Tuesday's robbery might also be the man behind the attack on Wolf.