Man Admits Beating Up Senior Citizen

CLEVELAND - A man went directly to jail on Thursday after admitting that he attacked a senior citizen, Action News reported.

Ernest Watson, 42, pleaded guilty to beating 81-year-old Anna Pelyak while committing a string of burglaries.

The judge gave him 21 years in prison without parole.

"The apartment was trashed," said one of the victim's neighbors, Butch Pickup. "Blood was all over -- in the bed and kitchen. He hit her in head with a coffee pot. It was an absolute mess. He terrorized everybody there."

"She was in the apartment brutally beaten drifting in and out of consciousness for hours before dragging herself across the hall for help," city councilman Michael Polensek said.

Watson made the following apology in court: "I had just got out of prison and relapsed and was smoking crack and got strung out and started committing burglaries. I'm sorry if anybody was hurt."

Pelyak suffered brain damage from the beating. Her family said that her condition is deteriorating.