Teens In Trouble For Taking Rivalry Too Far

EASTLAKE, Ohio – Willoughby South and Eastlake North have one of the oldest high school football rivalries in the area, but authorities said that one of this year's usual pre-game pranks went too far and now two teen-age students are in big trouble, Action News' Lynna Lai reported.

In a mean streak of school spirit, two Willoughby South seniors painted Eastlake's bleachers blue -- South High Blue.

"You can see the paint right inside here," an Eastlake school official showed Action News, noting that most of the paint had been sandpapered out. "It's starting to fade in slowly. We'll know more in about five days."

The vandals didn't stop there, however. The teens used bleach to spell out a message on the field. It'll take a few days before that message is revealed, but there's at least $1,000 of damage.

Before police could give the students that bill, they had to find them first.

They started to crack the case when they found an incriminating Benjamin Moore paint can at the scene. Since Plaza Paints is the only store to sell Benjamin Moore paints in Willoughby, police went there to ask questions.

Plaza Paints worker Clint Buchanan remembered an odd request for the cheapest blue paint that they had.

"They didn't care what kind of paint it was, whether it was inside or outside," Buchanan said.

"We went to the paint store and matched their pictures through a yearbook," Eastlake Police Det. Frank Bergant said.

Now, the busted boys are in big trouble. They both will be suspended from school for 10 days and might face expulsion. Plus, they must do community service.

"They were just stupid," fellow Willoughby senior Theresa Nugent said. "They just ruined their senior year."

The Eastlake school official said that he would work with Willoughby school officials to get the teens to repaint the stands. This time, in North High colors.