SWAT Team Helps To End Police Standoff

AKRON, Ohio – A neighbor's camcorder was rolling as a domestic dispute in Summit County turned into a police standoff, Action News' Harry Boomer reported.

The incident began at approximately 3 a.m. Tuesday when Lori Roberts called some neighbors from her house at South Arlington and Killian roads. She said that her husband, William Roberts, wouldn't let her leave the house with the couple's infant son.

The family members went over to the house, but William slammed the door in their faces. So, they called police, who then called for backup, which included a SWAT team.

The SWAT team approached the standoff scene and woke up Herbert Lane, who was sleeping in the home's lower level.

"About 6 a.m., I woke up to a (loud speaker) in my ear, outside my window," Lane said. "It was saying, 'Willie Roberts, pick up the phone.'

"Something happened when (William) went upstairs. He was holding his old lady hostage or something."

William didn't respond to the police, so they tried to contact him via telephone. Twenty minutes after first attempting to contact him, his wife and their baby emerged from the home.

Minutes later, Lane came out of the house.

"They said to come outside," Lane said. "They needed to know what we were wearing. We needed to come outside with our hands in the air and get face down and put our shirt over our head."

Joe Barney, a neighbor who operates his own security company across the street from the Roberts home, videotaped the standoff.

"Just about every officer was armed with an assault rifle and all were drawn at the house," Barney said.

Domestic disturbances are nothing new to the Roberts family. Lori had called police at least once before. In fact, police had an outstanding warrant for William's arrest on previous domestic violence charges.

For Tuesday's incident, he was charged with domestic violence and inducing panic.