Facts Surrounding Sniper Shootings In Maryland


  • 5:20 p.m. Wednesday, October 2nd: Windows shot at Maryland craft store. No one hurt.
  • 6:04 p.m. Wednesday: James D. Martin, 55, of Silver Spring, Maryland, killed in Maryland grocery store parking lot.
  • 7:41 a.m. Thursday, October 3rd: James L. "Sonny" Buchanan, 39, of Arlington, Virginia, killed while cutting grass at Maryland auto dealership.
  • 8:12 a.m. Thursday: Taxi driver Prem Kumar Walekar, 54, of Olney, Maryland, killed at Maryland gas station.
  • 8:37 a.m. Thursday: Sarah Ramos, 34, of Silver Spring, Maryland, killed outside Maryland post office.
  • 9:58 a.m. Thursday: Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera, 25, of Silver Spring, Maryland, slain as she vacuumed her van at Maryland gas station.
  • 9:15 p.m. Thursday: Pascal Charlot, 72, of Washington, D.C, killed while standing on a street in the nation's capital.
  • 2:30 p.m. Friday, October 4th: 43-year-old woman wounded in craft store parking lot in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
  • 8:09 a.m. Monday, October 7th: 13-year-old boy wounded as he is dropped off at Bowie, Maryland, school.


  • Thirteen-year-old boy is in critical but stable condition at Children's Hospital, Washington, D.C.
  • Forty-three-year-old woman has now been released from Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia.


  • James Buchanan: Independent landscaper who usually took care of the landscaping at an auto dealership on Saturday. This time, he was mowing the lawn on Thursday when he was shot to death. The auto dealer says Buchanan was an amateur poet and volunteer who worked with underprivileged children through local Boys and Girls clubs.
  • James Martin: Father of an eleven-year-old boy, and leader of his Boy Scout troop. Martin was in the parking lot of a grocery store when he was fatally shot. Martin worked for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He was a civil war buff and an amateur genealogist. He volunteered at a Washington elementary school, where he judged the science fair and arranged for a donation of computers -- which he delivered himself.
  • Prem Kumar Walekar: A part-time cab driver, he started his day early on Thursday so he could enjoy the nice weather later on. He was shot and killed while pumping gas into his taxi. Walekar was born in Bombay, and came to the U-S to go to college. His marriage was arranged by his brother -- who says the bride and groom didn't meet until a couple of days before the wedding. But he says, "After the marriage, there was love."
  • Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera: A neighbor says she was a "very nice and sweet lady" who doted on her preschool-aged daughter and "provided everything for her." Lewis-Rivera was killed while cleaning her van at a Shell station. She had moved into a garden apartment about a year ago with her daughter and husband, but dreamed of moving to a house.
  • Sarah Ramos: The 34-year-old had gotten off a bus at a shopping center in a retirement community. She sat down on a bench to read, and was shot in the head. Family and friends haven't agreed to be interviewed.


  • The five fatal Maryland shootings took place in Montgomery County, just north of Washington, D-C. The shootings were within five miles of each other.
  • The shooting in Washington, D-C took place near the city's border with Montgomery County.
  • The Fredericksburg, Virginia shooting took place about 55 miles south of the Montgomery County attacks.
  • The shooting in Bowie, Maryland was 20 miles to the east of the Montgomery County attacks.


  • According to former F-B-I profilers, he's probably a white man in his 20s or early 30s who lives nearby -- and who has a score to settle.
  • Former F-B-I profiler Robert Ressler says it's a "spree killer" -- as opposed to a mass-murderer. And he says serial killers of this type can go through "emotional cooling-off periods" that could span days or even months.
  • Former F-B-I profiler Clinton Van Zandt says the killer "isn't somebody who just snapped." He says it's a "cold" and "calculating" individual who enjoys "playing God" -- and "sticking their finger in the face of the authorities and society."
  • In each of the fatal shootings, a single shot was fired from a high-powered gun at a considerable distance.


  • Ballistics tests found the bullet that struck the Bowie teen was identical to those that killed some of the other victims and wounded the Virginia woman.
  • The bullets that were used in the shootings are high-velocity rounds that are common military ammunition. They are also a favorite of recreational shooters, and can be used in many types of guns.
  • Police concede there are few clues or eyewitness accounts.
  • Police in Montgomery County had said earlier that they were looking for both a driver and a shooter. A witness had seen two men leaving one of the shooting scenes in a white box truck, and police say they're still looking for that truck. But profilers say the shooter would probably have dumped the vehicle by now.
  • As of Tuesday morning, Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose said police had received 1,250 credible leads from 6,025 calls.
  • Police are using a geographic profile submitted by investigators. It uses crime locations to determine where the killer feels comfortable, and where he may live.
  • Authorities are now looking at a number of earlier shootings -- including one that took place in mid-September in Montgomery County -- to see if they are related.


  • Montgomery County officials say the reward for information leading to the sniper's arrest has now grown to more than 230-thousand dollars.


  • Montgomery County police are asking people in the area to watch for things that seem out of place -- such as a person sitting for a while in a vehicle, in a spot where people might not normally be sitting.
  • They're asking people to take note of motorists who are driving erratically, and to give them information about the vehicle.
  • Police are advising people in the region to "be observant" -- and "make note of your surroundings."


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