4 Officers Suspended For Allowing Man To Share Jail Cell With Woman

NORTH RANDALL, Ohio (AP) - Four police officers were suspended for mistakenly placing a man and a woman in the same jail cell and failing to notice it for seven hours.

The man and woman acknowledged "attempting to have sex twice," Chief Daniel Dubsky said.

The highest ranking officer involved was suspended for 30 days without pay. One patrolman was suspended for 12 days and two were suspended for seven days each.

The gender mix-up began at 2 a.m. Sept. 24, when a Highland Hills patrolman took Marvin Willis of Bainbridge Township to the North Randall jail.

Willis was stopped for speeding and arrested on a charge of concealing a rifle and ammunition in his car, police said. Willis was put into a cell with the jail's only other prisoner, a woman named Erica, Dubsky said. Dubsky declined to release the woman's full name and the reason for her arrest.

The pair remained locked up together until breakfast was brought about 9 a.m., despite jail inspections during the night.

"This was a combination of human error and policy infractions," Dubsky said. Officers obviously "didn't check closely enough to notice one inmate was female."

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