Plane Crash Lands At Burke Airport

CLEVELAND - Five passengers aboard a small airplane went through some tense moments late Wednesday afternoon when the aircraft crashed while attempting to land at Burke Lakefront Airport, Action News reported.

The Beechcraft King Air B200 airplane

's landing gear
malfunctioned when it
took off from the airport. The tower told the pilot that the plane's gear had not retracted, so the pilot turned the plane around to land at Burke. That's when it crashed.

It reportedly landed with two sets of wheels down, but its third set did not open.

The plane is registered to the Sheriff's Department in Jacksonville, Fla. Sunshine State authorities were in Cuyahoga County to pick up a rape suspect. They had done that a few hours earlier and were attempting to head back to Jacksonville.

None of the five passengers -- two pilots, two sheriffs and

prisoner -- wer
e seriously injured. The prisoner, however, was taken to a local hospital after he complained of injuries.

The crash forced Burke to shut down until the early evening.

From the Action News Chopper, t

he plane could be seen on its side and was reportedly leaking fuel into Lake Erie.