Jury Hears Final Arguments In Chang Trial

CLEVELAND – Attorneys for both sides presented their closing arguments on Wednesday in the multimillion-dollar civil trial against the Cleveland Clinic and one of its therapists, Action News' Wendy Gillette reported.

The family of teen-age murder victim Penny Chang claims that her killer was released from treatment too soon, directly contributing to her death.

Jurors in the case have endured a tedious, complex, weeklong trial, and now will have to determine who's to blame for Penny's murder.

Throughout the trial, the jury has faced a blown-up, smiling photograph of Penny (pictured, above) that has been brought into the courtroom by family members.

There's no dispute that Scott Strothers murdered Penny. He's already been convicted of the crime.

Lawyers for the Changs, however, go a step further, claiming that those treating Strothers knew that he was capable of violence, but discharged him from psychiatric care anyway.

Attorneys representing the clinic said that the Changs received threatening e-mails from Strothers in the days leading up to their daughter's murder, but they never reported them.

"Had a phone call been placed to the Shaker Heights Police Department, as it should have been, we would not be here today," Cleveland Clinic attorney James Malone said.

The Changs have maintained that they didn't read the e-mails sent by Strothers until after Penny was killed.

The Chang case could have big financial ramifications. The Changs are seeking $20 million.

Jurors will begin deliberating on Thursday.