Partnership To Help Save Historic Sites

CLEVELAND (AP) - The National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Home and Garden Television network announced a joint campaign Wednesday on behalf of historic preservation efforts nationwide.

The initiative, to be known as "Restore America -- A Salute to Preservation," will highlight restoration work at dozens of historic sites.

Twelve sites will be chosen each year from the Save America's Treasures list, a collection of almost 900 historic preservation projects supported by the Trust and the National Park Service.

Beginning in July, HGTV will show one-minute vignettes about the sites and include them on its program "Restore America."

The network also is donating $1 million to the National Trust this year. The money will be divided among the sites to pay for restoration work. The network hopes to donate another $1 million in each year of the five-year partnership, said Cindy McConkey of HGTV's parent company, Scripps Networks.

"We want to show people that preservation really takes place in their neighborhoods, their communities," HGTV President Burton Jablin said. "It creates a greater bond with our viewers."

Ohio has 16 Treasures sites, including Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron, the Hulett ore unloaders in Cleveland and the 1905 Wright Flyer III in Dayton.

Most of the sites are privately owned but receive grants through the Save America's Treasures.

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