Flats Parking Lot Owner To Pay $2.5 Million As Part Of Knifing Settlement

CLEVELAND (AP) - A Cleveland man blinded during a 1997 attack in a parking lot in Cleveland's popular Flats nightclub district has won $2.5 million in a settlement with the parking lot's owner and manager.

Joseph Kowalski was 16 years old when he was stabbed in the heart and nearly bled to death in a 1997 fight that killed his friend Larry Davis.

Kowalski is now blind, uses a wheelchair and needs 24-hour care.

He sued the parking lot owner, Bart Wolstein, and APCOA, the company that manages the property, claiming that they didn't provide adequate security.

Kowalksi's lawyer argued that the parking lot was the most dangerous square block in Ohio at the time Kowalski was hurt -- an assertion that Cleveland Safety Director James Draper said wasn't proven.

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