Getting Started

The following steps are provided to help you get started:

Complete the preliminary application and return it to EAC, along with the preliminary application fee.  We will then send you the forms and information needed to complete the next stage of the adoption process.

Contact your INS offices -- call (800) 870-3676 -- and order your Immigration and Naturalization Services I-600A packet.  You can also obtain this form by visiting the INS web site at   Fill out the I-600A and send it back to INS with the fee and all the required documents except the home study.  Include a note explaining that you will submit your home study when is it completed.  INS will contact you via US mail with an appointment submission.  Please note:  INS only accepts money orders, cashiers checks or certified checks.

Contact a licensed adoption agency to complete your home study.  If you are an Ohio, Illinois or Florida resident, EAC can conduct your home study for you.  Be sure to make sure that the home study agency has a current license. Ask for a copy of this license for your files.