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Wednesday, December 13 , 2017
Steffy and Ridge have a heart-to-heart conversation about how challenging marriage can be and how forgiveness is important. Ridge pulls out the ring that he plans to give to Brooke and tells his daughter that he plans on proposing to Brooke.  Ridge brings up the subject of Bill and warns her to stay far away from her father-in-law; that he is evil. During a business meeting, Bill is visibly distracted which leads Wyatt, Liam and Justin to assume he’s missing Brooke. When they are alone, Liam tells Bill how happy he and Steffy are and that he is amazed that Steffy has been able to forgive him for kissing Sally. Liam asks Bill about his love life and apologizes for Brooke divorcing him, which causes Bill to be overcome with guilt.                        
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Thorne admits to Brooke that he has wanted to kiss her for a while, and asks if she would like to give their relationship another try. Home from Paris, Nicole is captivated by Maya’s stories and video from her trip to South Africa.  They both can’t believe how far they’ve come in their lives and careers. Nicole witnesses Brooke and Thorne immersed in a deep conversation and later reports this to Maya, who wonders if there is something more going on between them.  Ivy and Quinn are mesmerized by the diamonds that Simon has brought to them.  Quinn reveals to Ivy that she is designing an engagement ring that Ridge plans on giving to Brooke. Ivy queries Quinn to see if she feels it is strange to make a ring that a man she cared for will give to another woman. Later, Quinn delivers the ring to Ridge and the two reminisce about their forbidden kisses. However, both agree that their lives are back on track and they are both where they want to be.
Monday, December 11, 2017
Brooke breaks up the argument between Ridge and Thorne who each blame the other for starting the squabble. Liam confronts Steffy about why she lied about staying in the Forrester guest house the night that they argued. Feeling cornered, Steffy does her best to cover. Quinn shares with Maya the inspiration behind the new bracelet prototype that she is working on.  She also shares the information she has about Steffy and Liam.  Unable to take anymore fighting between the brothers, Brooke demands that Ridge leave.  Thorne attempts to prove to Brooke why his brother is not worthy of her love and then surprises her with a kiss.
Friday, December 8, 2017
While Steffy fills Bill in on the lie she told to Liam about the night she left him, Quinn is innocently telling Liam about the bracelet Steffy left behind at the Forrester guest house. Thorne admits to Brooke one of the real reasons he returned to LA.  Ridge interrupts Thorne and Brooke and as the two brothers argue, push comes to shove.
Thursday, December 7, 2017
 As Sheila tells Thorne about Ridge and Quinn kissing in Australia, he is unsure of whether or not to believe her. Ridge surprises Brooke with a visit to the Forrester Creations steam room. He makes it abundantly clear that he intends to win her back.  Eric recounts Brooke’s colorful history with the Forrester men to Quinn. Thorne confronts Eric about the news he learned from Sheila.  Quinn arrives at Il Giardino to pick up lunch and has an unpleasant encounter with Sheila. Eric pleads with Thorne to drop his vendetta against Ridge, but Thorne has too much bitterness and resentment built up.

Wednesday, December 6 , 2017
Eric, Quinn and Brooke must intervene in a heated argument between Ridge and Thorne. Brooke stands up to Ridge for his mistreatment of others and leaves with Thorne.  Frustrated, Ridge vows to relieve Brooke of her “babysitting” duties.  Steffy’s immense guilt surfaces when Liam queries her about the night she left him and what caused her to forgive him.  Steffy lies which causes her anxiety. At lunch with Brooke at Il Giardino, Thorne attempts to convince Brooke to leave Ridge and be with him. Ridge soon arrives and takes Brooke back to the office.  Having observed all of this unseen, Sheila approaches Thorne and seizes the opportunity to spill the beans about Ridge and Quinn.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Thorne attempts to get details out of Eric about Ridge’s affair that caused his breakup with Brooke. Eric is impressed when Thorne shows him what he’s been working on in Europe. The energy between the two brothers becomes intense when Brooke and Ridge arrive at the office and see that Thorne intends to compete with Ridge. Quinn and Ivy talk discuss Thorne’s return and the vast differences between he and Ridge.
Monday, December 4, 2017
Regretting that she slept with Bill, and concerned that it will ruin her marriage to Liam, Steffy contemplates how best to tell her husband that she slept with his father.  Ridge is shocked when Brooke confronts him about the seemingly intimate moment she witnessed between he and Quinn. He becomes angry when Brooke informs him of Thorne’s current residence. Thorne arrives at Forrester Creations for his first time since returning to Los Angeles. He and Eric discuss Ridge, Brooke and Sheila. In order to save their relationships with Liam, Steffy and Bill make a pact to never tell him what happened between them

Friday, December 1, 2017
During their already uncomfortable conversation, Sally bluntly asks Liam if he and Steffy are really happy or if their marital bliss is just an act. In return, Liam asks Sally where she thinks they stand in their affiliation with each other. Coco fills Darlita in on what happened between Sally and Liam after the Spectra building collapsed.  Steffy is adamant with Bill that she intends to remain in her marriage and that she plans on telling Liam the truth about their betrayal.    
Thursday, November 30, 2017 
 Coco questions Sally’s plan to pay an uninvited visit to Liam knowing that her sister’s presence is controversial.  Liam’s overly professed appreciation for their reunion causes great anxiety for Steffy prompting her desire to break her promise with Bill. Upon her arrival at Liam’s house, Sally attempts to get a read on the current state of his and Steffy’s marriage. Steffy and Bill express their sincere regrets for betraying Liam and discuss the ramifications they will face if their secret is revealed.                                                

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Thorne surprises Brooke when he tells her about what he has been doing in Paris.  Thorne hits the nail on the head with his assumption about why Brooke and Ridge did not get married in Australia: another woman.  Brooke confirms, but does not name the woman in question.  Charlie becomes concerned, for selfish reasons, when he learns about Pam’s interaction with Sheila.  Eric is caught off-guard when he is greeted by Sheila at Il Giardino and learns that she never left town.  Sheila offers him a sincere apology about her attempt to come between he and Quinn.  
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Having temporarily moved back into Brooke’s home until he finds a place of his own, Thorne confides in her his frustrations regarding Ridge.  Thorne admits to Brooke why he stayed away for so long and what brought him back to Los Angeles. While at lunch at Il Giardino, Pam is startled to find that Sheila is her server and even more surprised when she offers an olive branch and a promise. Liam explains to Wyatt his side of the story about how he and Bill reconciled following the Spectra building demolition

Monday, November 27, 2017
Thorne’s return to Los Angeles after a lengthy stay in Paris is met with mixed emotions, especially from his elder brother, Ridge. Confused about the sudden change in dynamics within the Spencer family, Wyatt demands that Bill tell him how his resolution with Liam happened. Attributing his reconciliation with Bill to Steffy, Liam insists that she escort him to his first day back at Spencer Publications. Undetected tension fills the room between Steffy and Bill as Liam praises them both for his current happiness.  
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
The Forrester, Logan, Spencer, Avant and Spectra families put aside their conflict, secrets, rivalry and forbidden love for one day, joining together to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Forrester Mansion.  Hosted by Eric and Quinn, everyone at the Thanksgiving table realizes that there is much to be grateful for and says something kind and poignant to the person seated to their right.
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Members of the Forrester family gather together to begin preparations for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner taking place the following day.  There is an underlying fear within the family that Sheila may make an uninvited appearance to the festivities.  Justin suspects that Bill is feeling remorseful about losing Brooke unaware of what is actually bothering his friend.  Liam goes to Bill’s office asking to return to Spencer Publications and for the chance to prove his loyalty and devotion.                        

Monday, November 20, 2017
Bill is disturbed by a recent revelation about himself that completely goes against his beliefs and family’s creed. 
Word gets out to the other members of the Spencer family that Steffy and Liam have reunited and renewed their vows.
Liam confesses to Wyatt that his association with Sally went too far and almost cost him his marriage and his
relationship with Bill.  Steffy sees a not-so-pleasant side of Bill when he questions her about returning home to Liam.

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