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Friday, October 20, 2017
Wyatt informs Katie of Bill’s planned approach against Liam and his fear for his brother’s wellbeing.  Justin presents Bill with a piece of information that he obtained while breaking into Liam’s office the night before.  Steffy makes another attempt to get Liam to drop the blackmail against Bill and to get rid of the evidence proving his father’s guilt.  Having everything that he needs to regain his company, Bill enters Liam’s office ready for a showdown with his son.
Thursday, October 19, 2017
Unaware of the ongoing communication that Justin has been passing along, Liam questions him about where his loyalty lies and threatens his job at Spencer Publications.  Having already dealt with the wrath of Quinn regarding their relationship, Wyatt and Katie ponder what kind of reaction they will receive when Bill finds out about them.  Steffy offers to speak with Liam on Bill’s behalf, but insists that her father-in-law drop his determined revenge.  As
Steffy speaks with Liam, Bill and Justin hire an expert to assist them in retrieving the taped confession.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Steffy approached Bill with the sole intention of making peace between him and his estranged son, Liam. Bill gives into Steffy’s prodding by admitting that he is partially responsible for his argument with Liam. Ridge makes an appearance at Spencer Publications in hopes of finding out from the source how and why Liam ousted Bill from the company.  Liam turns the tables on Ridge by asking about a possible reunion between him and Brooke now that she left Bill.  Even though the topic is an uncomfortable one for the sisters, Brooke tells Katie more about her and Bill’s relationship.                                  
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Appalled by his wife’s actions, Eric pays a visit to Katie to find out how she is fairing following her skirmish with Quinn. Sheila turns an uncomfortable run-in with Pam into a bonding experience where they share their common interests.  A  routine massage by Mateo turns into a counseling session where Quinn reveals a side of herself that is rarely seen.                  
Monday, October 16, 2017
After finding Wyatt and Katie in the midst of an intimate moment, a horrified Quinn drags her former nemesis out of bed demanding answers.  Eric explains to Mateo why he is concerned that Quinn has learned that Wyatt’s car was in front of Katie’s house.  Brooke openly confesses to Rick and Maya details about her breakup with Bill and her concerns regarding Katie. Upon realizing that Eric was aware of Wyatt and Katie’s secret affair, Quinn angrily confronts her husband about keeping that important information from her.  
Friday, October 13, 2017
When RJ sees Brooke and Ridge involved in an intimate conversation, he questions them about a possible change in their relationship.  Worried that Wyatt has been single for way too long, Quinn makes a plan to find him a suitable woman.  Meanwhile, Wyatt and Katie play hooky from their respective jobs in order to spend some private time together.  Brooke gives Ridge very little insight as to what caused the problem in her marriage to Bill.           
Thursday, October 12, 2017
Ridge anxiously awaits word from Brooke about her conversation with Bill hoping that she decided to end her marriage. Refusing to give up on her, Bill promises Brooke that he will put his differences with Liam aside and repair their broken family.  A truly worried Steffy warns Liam that his father may blame him in the event that Brooke chooses to leave Bill.                              
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Having noticed that Katie has been much happier lately, Brooke interrogates her sister about her current love life.Charlie discovers the portrait that Sheila had commissioned and assures her that it will never hang over Eric’s fireplace.  RJ gets his hopes up about his parents reuniting when Ridge tells him about Brooke moving back home. After much thought, Brooke makes plans with Bill to discuss their differences and the future of their marriage.Quinn and Mateo enjoy working together, but in much different ways.                          
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Following his productive interaction with Quinn the day before, Mateo’s job description at the Forrester mansion changes.  Sheila takes advantage of Mateo’s new position with the Forresters to further her plan to extract Quinn from Eric’s life.  Liam makes a point to tell Steffy about the lengths that he took with Sally to prove his devotion to his marriage.  Justin pays a visit to update Bill on what Liam has been up to as the CEO of Spencer Publications and the excess money that has been spent.  Bill suspects that Liam may be developing feelings for Sally. Eric has a stern conversation with Mateo about trust.       

Monday, October 9, 2017
Knowing the trepidations that Steffy had about his trip to San Francisco, Liam makes it clear to Sally that their venture is strictly business.  Nicole surprises the Forrester family with a quick visit to Los Angeles and describes for them her and Zende’s new life in Paris. Just when Quinn is in the most need Mateo reveals to her a hidden talent he possesses that can assist her. Bill voices his concern to Steffy about his marriage as well as the way Liam has been treating her.                             

Friday, October 6, 2017
Bill has a whole new appreciation for Steffy and now sees her in a completely differently light following their frank conversation about Liam. Taking Steffy’s advice, Sally attempts to back out of the trip to San Francisco with Liam. Wyatt confides in Katie his concern regarding the ramifications Liam may face by crossing Bill and his obsession with ruining Spectra Fashions. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017
 Liam informs a concerned Steffy that his business decisions at Spencer Publication do not concern her. Steffy plays devil’s advocate with Liam as she attempts to dissuade him from his affiliation with Sally. In spite of her growing feelings for him, Sally disregards Shirley’s insistence that she pursue a very married Liam.  While checking in on his father’s welfare, Wyatt discovers Bill destroying documents that could incriminate him of several illegal business affairs. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Brooke feels a bit torn between her feelings for the two great loves in her life when Steffy informs her of the conversations she shared with both Bill and Ridge.  Bill barges into Ridge’s office uninvited to issue a stern warning to respect his marriage to Brooke while attempt to resolve their differences. Ridge interrogates Bill about the true reason why Brooke left in him the first place.  Liam surprises Sally with a trip to San Francisco to meet with renowned architects who can refurbish Spectra Fashions

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
When Sheila learns about Mateo, she concocts a plan that she feels will put a major wrench in Quinn  and Eric’s marriage.  Eric finds himself in an awkward situation when he walks in on an intimate encounter between Wyatt and Katie.  Knowing how his mother feels about Katie, Wyatt fears that Eric will tell Quinn about his secret affair.  Shelia makes Mateo an offer that he cannot refuse.
Monday, October 2, 2017
Quinn returns to work at Forrester Creations hoping to have all of her problems with Sheila very far behind her. Sheila finds herself a job at Il Giardino so that she can remain in Los Angeles and keep her eye on her beloved Eric. Needing some extra assistance taking care of the day-to-day duties at the Forrester mansion, Eric hires an estate manager, Mateo.  While on a lunch date, a private moment between Katie and Wyatt is witnessed.                        

Friday, September 29, 2017
As Wyatt warns his brother about going up against Bill, Liam surprises him with a tempting offer that would further upset their father.  Brooke asks Ridge to please respect her privacy when he grills her about why she decided to end her marriage to Bill.  Ridge not so subtly implies to Brooke that he plans on spending much more time with her.  Steffy and Bill share a deep understanding of each other as she lends a compassionate ear to his troubles and offers her assistance in solving  them.           

Thursday, September 28, 2017 
Brooke becomes emotional when she learns that her family had all of her belongings brought back from Bill’s house and moved back into her own home.  When Bill and Liam’s peace talks fall short, Steffy reminds her husband about what could happen to the Spencer family if he and his father do not reconcile.  On behalf of Bill, Wyatt confronts Liam about blackmailing their father and ousting him from his own company.  In return, Liam has some incriminating information for Wyatt about Bill’s further misdeeds.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
As Wyatt attempts to put together the clues that point towards Bill being associated with the Spectra fire,Katie subtly hints that his suspicion is correct.  As Sally shows him around the newly renovated Spectra Fashions offices, Liam surprises her with something that will assist her with the rebuild.  Wanting to resolve the issues within the Spencer family, Steffy promises Bill that she will have a heart-to-heart discussion with Liam about a solution.  When Wyatt confronts his father about the fire, Bill confesses and admits to being blackmailed by Liam.                        
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Steffy and Ridge compare notes on the facts that they each know surrounding the separation of Brooke and Bill. Brooke is very careful with her words when she explains to her family why she decided to end her marriage to Bill.  Furious from losing Brooke, Bill pays an angered visit to Liam to assure him that Spencer Publications will soon be back under the original leadership. Ridge is confident that, in time, he and Brooke will reunite

Monday, September 25, 2017
Ridge is pleasantly surprised when Eric approaches him with a solemn and sincere regret over their last conversation regarding their relationship.  Wyatt and Katie take a break from their romantic evening to divulge to each other the latest gossip from their respective families.  Bill makes a passionate plea to Brooke for her to forgive him for his misgivings so that they may repair the foundation to their damaged marriage.  Brooke expresses to Bill her fears and concerns regarding their future together.

Friday, September 22, 2017
Steffy wants to make sure that her message to Sally about dealing with Liam is heard very loud and clear. Wyatt warns Liam that when their father finds out about his partnership with Sally and Spectra Fashions, he is going to become infuriated to the point of seeking retribution.  RJ attempts to get Brooke to admit that no other man in her life comes close to being her destiny than Ridge.  Tired of Ridge’s jeering, Bill threatens Ridge to stay away from Brooke and out of their marriage.  Coco unsuccessfully questions Sally about the identity of the person who helped raise Spectra Fashions from the ashes.     
Thursday, September 21, 2017 
Wyatt and Justin discover a piece of information regarding Liam’s business dealings with Sally and Spectra Fashions. While looking for his wife, Bill finds Ridge who has a list of taunting questions regarding why Brooke is so upset. An irate and confused Steffy interrogates Liam about getting into business with Sally.  Liam doesn’t think that his professional association with Sally is any of Steffy’s concern.  RJ confronts Brooke about her marriage to Bill and if there happens to be any chance of their family reuniting with Ridge.                     

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Having been summoned by Liam to Spencer Publications, Wyatt confronts his brother about how he was able to obtain
the title of CEO from their father.  Annoyed by Wyatt’s line of questioning, Liam gives his brother the opportunity
to stay and deal with the change or to leave the company altogether.  Brooke turns to Ridge regarding her frustrations
with Bill, but refuses to give him any details as to why she is upset with her husband.  Bill confesses to Steffy the
collateral damage that has taken place due to his actions that are in addition to losing his company and his son.

Monday, September 18, 2017
In spite of Steffy’s noble attempts to get her husband to reconcile with his father, Liam firmly stands his ground to not back down regarding Bill.  Ridge and Quinn share a tender moment as they disclose with each other the current state of their respective lives following their affair of the heart. Sheila applies pressure on Charlie to assist her in getting Quinn out of Eric’s life for good.  Brooke questions the foundation of her marriage to Bill. When learning that Sheila is still in town, Quinn vows to remedy that situation                 

Friday, September 15, 2017
Needing to get something off of his chest before becoming intimate with Katie, Wyatt confidentially fills her in on the current dispute between Bill and Liam.  In spite of Steffy’s attempt to appeal to his emotions, Liam is firm that he no longer wants anything to do with Bill ever again.  Bill decides to put his faith in
the strength of his marriage when he tells Brooke about his quarrel with Liam and why it happened. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017
 While attempting to get him to reconcile with Liam, Steffy gets Bill to admit that he went too far in his actions regarding Spectra. Extremely excited to get her company back up and running, Sally asks Liam for advice. Brooke continues to be suspicious of Bill when he has a complete change of opinion about a matter than the day before.  Sally gathers her employees for a meeting to announce that Spectra Fashions will soon be back in business.  Seemingly having made some headway with Bill about mending their estranged family, Steffy approaches Liam with the same matter but with less luck

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Sally and the Spectra group are given bad news about the future of their company while touring the remnants of their former offices with the fire marshal.  The day gets worse for Sally when she receives a phone call from Thomas telling her of his plans to stay in New York with Caroline and Douglas. 
Since there is no viable building to sell any longer, CJ is ready to make a deal with Spencer Publications. Liam makes a call to Sally that will ensure her day ends on a much happier note.  Ridge senses that there is some tension in Brooke and Bill’s marriage and hopes to capitalize on it        

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Liam calls a meeting to make a major announcement about his position within Spencer Publications. Wyatt is completely blindsided by his brother’s unexpected declaration and seeks out their father for answers.  Despite the many questions to Bill about his unusual behavior, Brooke is left in the dark about her husband’s situation.  Liam confronts Justin about which member of the Spencer family has his loyalty. 
Monday, September 11, 2017
While warning Liam of the consequences and attempting to be supportive of her husband, Steffy questions if he really wants to ruin his relationship with Bill forever.  Justin gives Bill legal advice about how to handle his current predicament.  Bill confronts Justin to see if he is secretly seeing Katie and then explains the notebook that he discovered at her house. Katie and Wyatt’s lovemaking is uncomfortably interrupted by one of their respective exes.                


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