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Friday, August 17, 2018
Steffy calls Ridge, concerned about what might happen now that Taylor has left to meet Brooke. Brooke attempts to remain calm during her conversation with Taylor but breaks when Taylor insults Hope. Hope convinces Liam that inviting Steffy is the right thing to do. Steffy leans on her father for support of her choices.
Thursday, August 16, 2018
Hope invites Steffy to her wedding with Liam. When Liam asks Wyatt to be his Best Man, Wyatt gives Liam and earful. Steffy agrees to come to the wedding but asks if she can bring a plus one… Taylor! Aghast to learn that Hope invited Steffy and Taylor the wedding, Brooke attempts to convince Hope to uninvite them.
Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Bill makes an effort to connect with Will but Will is not very interested. Liam and Hope are optimistic about their future and hopeful about what’s ahead of them. Katie gives Bill parenting advice when he calls her about Will. Bill interrupts Katie and Thorne’s romantic night when he arrives unannounced to bring Will home.
Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Katie manipulates Bill into watching Will for the night so she and Thorne may continue their romantic evening. Steffy leads a business meeting to inform the team at Forrester Creations about their new business plan. Katie and Bill share lingering feelings from their past and hash out old emotions. Bill comes to terms with the choices he has made. Steffy lets the women at Forrester know why they are valued. Thorne and Bill share a tense moment.

Monday, August 13, 2018
Katie and Thorne and Sally and Wyatt run into each other at the Bikini Beach. Steffy breaks down before admitting to Liam she saw him propose to Hope. Liam returns Steffy’s ring.  The two, though both hurting over their breakup, come to the conclusion that they must set a good example for Kelly. Brooke and Ridge make love. Katie must cut her date with Thorne short when Will’s babysitter calls in sick.
Friday, August 10, 2018
Thorne and Maya confront Zoe about her immense dislike of Zoe. Maya urges Xander to get a handle on the situation with Zoe and Emma as he will be working with both of them. Brooke gives Ridge a gift before they make love. Hope and Steffy share a moment together.
Thursday, August 09, 2018
Emma expresses to Hope her concerns about Zoe. Pam overhears her ask Hope to fire Zoe. Zoe tells Xander that Emma isn’t the sweet girl he thinks she is. Ridge expresses to Steffy how proud he is of her and the decisions that she has made. Xander is thrown when Maya reveals what she knows about Emma.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018
Bill is stunned when Liam pays him a visit. Hope worries about Xander and Emma when Thorne tells her that he has hired Zoe as a model. Zoe and Xander share a warm moment under difficult circumstances. Bill and Liam are impacted by each other’s words.  Steffy shares her pain with Ridge.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018
Emma becomes frustrated when Xander isn’t upset that Zoe is working for Forrester. Now in charge, Steffy reveals to the models for the Bedroom line that she will be modeling alongside them. Liam and Hope solidify their engagement and the promise of a happy life together with a kiss.
Monday, August 06, 2018
Giddy with happiness, Hope shows off her engagement ring to a very pleased Brooke. Liam expresses his displeasure with Steffy that she gave Hope a sentimental object not intended for her. Upset that she stole her moment at the fashion show, and insecure about her past with Xander, Emma confronts Zoe and demands that she leave LA immediately. Liam and Hope discuss what just happened between them and Steffy, which causes Liam to reflect on what he truly wants.
Friday, August 03, 2018
Steffy calls Liam to Forrester to share with him her big news. Thorne shows up to Zoe’s apartment and tries to convince her to stay in LA. Ridge becomes annoyed when Brooke sends Hope in to see what Steffy and Liam are discussing. Thorne stuns Xander when he offers Zoe a job modeling for Forrester Creations. Emma watches unnoticed as Zoe accepts the job and rushes into Xander’s arms.

Thursday, August 02, 2018
Wyatt and Liam surf at the beach house where Liam is staying until he figures out his situation. Liam leans on his brother for emotional support regarding their father. Xander arrives at Zoe’s apartment to force her to leave LA and finds her in a bikini. Maya questions Emma if she is
threatened by Xander’s ex-girlfriend. Steffy makes an announcement about the future of Forrester Creations.
Wednesday, August 01, 2018
Liam shares his true feelings about the situation when Ridge tells Liam that Steffy is only settling for Bill and that her future is with him. Steffy is blindsided by Bill’s desire to be married immediately. Bill tells Steffy she must make a choice right now. Ridge and Brooke have a disagreement about how the other
is handling the situation. Steffy makes a stunning announcement about her future and who she chooses.
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Ridge expresses his discern for Liam and how he treated Steffy. Bill summons Steffy to his home where he presents her with a new nursery for Kelly and a special gift just for her. Bill expresses to Steffy that he wants to be married right away. Brooke and Hope disagree about the outcome of the situation. Ridge urges Liam to stop Steffy from marrying Bill before it is too late.
Monday, July 30, 2018
Ridge is stunned when he realizes that Steffy is wearing Bill Spencer’s sword necklace.  Bill tells an upset Wyatt that he is planning to marry Steffy right away. Wyatt attempts to convince Bill that if he marries Steffy that he will lose Liam forever. Liam conveys to Hope the magnitude of the situation with Steffy. Steffy shares with Ridge her power play with Bill.
Friday, July 27, 2018
Liam is mortified when he realizes what Steffy is wearing. Steffy throws Bill in Liam’s face and tells him she only turned to his father because of the hurt he and Hope have caused her.  Brooke interrupts a tense moment between Ridge and Hope and demands that Ridge take a different tone of voice while speaking with her daughter. She then forces Ridge to apologize. Wyatt is shocked at the revelation about Bill and Steffy. Liam is remorseful and asks Steffy for something that she may be unable or unwilling to give.
Thursday, July 26, 2018
Ridge questions why Brooke would go see Liam, causing Hope to reveal what happened between her and Liam that Steffy witnessed. Brooke tells Liam that he should not be ashamed of his love for Hope. Hope must try and calm Ridge who is upset by the turn of events in his daughter’s life. Their deal signed and notarized, Bill offers to drive Steffy home to help her confront Liam.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Furious, Steffy heads to Bill’s prepared to make a deal that will give her ultimate power in her personal life. Liam becomes frantic wondering where Steffy is when he arrives home and realizes the nanny is still with Kelly.  Justin makes it clear to Steffy and Bill that in his professional opinion the agreement that they are about to enter into is not a good idea.
Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Steffy barges in on Liam and Hope, finding them in a compromising position. Betrayed, Steffy criticizes Liam and Hope for their behavior towards her. Bill speculates to Justin what will happen next in the Steffy/Liam/Hope scenario. Ridge and Brooke have different points of view on the situation between their daughters and Liam.
Monday, July 23, 2018
Bill proposes to Steffy after showing her the incriminating evidence he staged against Hope and Liam. Emma reels from Zoe’s stunt on the runway. Xander reveals his and Zoe’s past to Ridge. Steffy goes on the hunt for Liam after seeing the picture of he and Hope at the fashion show. 
Friday, July 20, 2018
At Forrester to support his niece, Emma, Justin is conflicted about Bill’s recent request. Bill ravages Liam’s behavior to Steffy but Steffy defends Liam. Bill sets Steffy up for another fall in order to gain

Thursday, July 19, 2018
Brooke and Hope share a poignant mother daughter moment as Hope puts the last minute touches on the Hope for the Future fashion show. Xander confronts Zoe and demands that she go back to London immediately. Katie is shocked to hear the news of Hope’s pregnancy. Emma prepares for her big moment dancing in the fashion show. Zoe arrives at the show in disguise. Liam arrives to support Hope.
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Sally and Xander piece together that Zoe is the girl who has been working at Wyatt’s beach house. Sally calls Wyatt and tells her Zoe is trouble and to try and keep Zoe there. Zoe becomes forceful with Emma when she tries to leave.
Monday, July 16, 2018
Liam tells Hope that he needs more time to sort out his feelings so that neither she nor Steffy wind up getting hurt. Emma remains skeptical of Xander’s past when he reveals to her the real reason he came to Los Angeles. Zoe makes sure she runs into Emma and then invites her to lunch.


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