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The Young and The Restless

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Kevin and Billy learn the truth about Bella’s paternity, Scott busts Lauren on her matchmaking, and Sharon dishes about her past with Tessa.
Monday, April 24, 2017
Nick and Paul question the evidence against Chloe, Ashley worries about Abby, and Jack charms realtor, Farrah Dubose (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Erika Girardi).
Friday, April 21
Billy is on a collision course with Jack, Scott receives a surprise visitor, and Paul has a Chloe update for Chelsea.
Thursday, April 20
Ashley mixes business with pleasure, Cane pushes Billy’s buttons, and Nikki pulls strings to protect her family.
Wednesday, April 19
Victoria follows her heart, Mariah busts Tessa, and Devon and Neil make a pact

Tuesday, April 18
Nick surprises Sharon, Abby relishes her new role at Newman Enterprises, and Billy and Phyllis reunite

Monday, April 17
Nikki reaches her breaking point with Victor, Reed challenges Victoria, and Ashley sees Ravi in a new light.

Friday, April 14
Victor refuses to give up, Victoria pushes Billy away, and Jack tries to create a secret alliance.
Thursday, April 13
Nick loses control, Jordan questions Hilary about their relationship, and sparks fly between Phyllis and Scott.
Wednesday, April 12
The Newman Family makes a dangerous pact, Lauren plays matchmaker for Phyllis, and Gloria worries about Kevin.

Tuesday, April 11
Victor comes clean, Reed has a secret admirer, and Jack warns Ashley about crossing the line with Ravi.

Monday, April 10
Nick uncovers Victor’s shocking secret, Chelsea makes a desperate plea, and Chloe’s life changes forever.


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