Mother gets six months for sending son to buy crack

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - A judge sentenced a mother to six months in jail for sending her 11-year-old son to buy crack.

Akron Municipal Court Judge Elinore Stormer gave Danyle Fowler, 30, the maximum sentence for child endangering. Fowler, who is homeless, has a history of drug abuse.

In July, Fowler gave her son an envelope full of money and told him to go to a corner and buy her crack. She reportedly threatened to beat the boy if he failed to come back with the drugs.

Police said it was not the first time Fowler sent her son to buy drugs.

Fowler has failed to undergo treatment recommended by the court.

"You have continually refused to cooperate with this court," Stormer told Fowler on Monday.

Fowler's public defender, Angela Walls, asked for a new trial, saying that her client is bipolar and was unable to assist in her own defense.

Fowler's son is now in a Mahoning County foster home. Fowler's mother, Paula, has custody of her two other children.

Paula Fowler said she appreciates the judge's ruling.

"I want the judge to know that I thank her for what she did," she said. "At least now I know where she is and that she is safe."

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