Caregiver's son to tell court what he knows about Rilya

MIAMI (AP) - The son of one of Rilya Wilson's caregivers will tell investigators what he knows about the missing girl whose birth mother now lives in East Cleveland.

Leo Epson pleaded guilty to theft and fraud charges on Tuesday. As part of the plea deal, he'll tell everything he knows about Rilya.

Epson is the son of Geralyn Graham. She and Pamela Graham, who claim to be sisters, had custody of the missing youngster. The women claim Rilya was taken from them by a child protection worker, but the state denies that.

Prosecutors wanted Epson to serve a year in jail, but the judge threw out the jail time if Epson makes formal statements to investigators still searching for Rilya.

The girl, whose sixth birthday was last month, has been missing since January of last year -- but authorities didn't realize that until this past April.

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