Local school cancels football game with Washington area team

CLEVELAND - The impact of the serial sniper is far reaching, Action News reported.

Not only has it created chaos in and around the nation's capital, but it has changed things in northeast Ohio too.

Local schools are canceling trips to the Washington area.

Glenville High School is the latest to do so, keeping their football team at home.

The Glenville Tarblooders' final game of the season was to have been played against Dunbar High School -- a school located in the Washington area. Despite the need to play a 10th game for a chance at the playoffs, school officials deduced that it was just too risky to send the team.

"In the best interest of the kids, we were watching what was happening and decided to make this decision," Glenville High School principal Jacqueline Bell said.

There is still a chance at the playoffs, however. Glenville's coach is now working on setting up another match against another Washington area team, Ganzaga. If it works out, that game would be played in Cleveland.

School administrators still need to approve the match-up.