More suspects, charges in alleged raffle scam

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – The courts are just starting to sort out the mess that was an alleged attempt to fix the outcome of Strongsville's annual $20,000 raffle, Action News reported.

Police have announced that there are more suspects and more charges in connection with the incident than originally thought.

In July, police busted Tommy Lawless and a friend, saying they tried to cheat their way into the grand prize.

Now, Lawless' wife has been indicted. Her name was on the fake winning ticket.

Authorities said that Gerald Hale has been charged for coordinating the whole thing. Hale's Defense attorney Greg Troyan blamed it all on Tommy Lawless, however.

"Pure and simple, it was a spur-of-the-moment act of stupidity by Tommy Lawless that no one other than Tommy Lawless knew was going to occur," Troyan said.