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Deputies: Groups of sex offenders live at local hotel

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CLEVELAND - Cuyahoga County sheriff's deputies recently raided the Jay Hotel in Cleveland's Ohio City section because they believe that groups of sex offenders have been living there, Action News reported.

Deputies told Action News that as many as 10 sex offenders have checked in and out of the Jay Hotel already this year.

Neighbors have been complaining as well, saying that there's a lot of drug activity.

Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department Lt. Dour Burkhart said that groups of sex offenders living in one building equals trouble.

"These people know that we're watching them," Burkhart said. "They're finding out that the public eye is on them, and some of them are going out committing other crimes. So, we're taking action."

Authorities are now looking into having the Jay Hotel shut down.

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