City looking into reverse-911 system

CLEVELAND – The city of Cleveland is looking into a new way to keep you safe -- by having 911 call you, Action News reported.

It's a story that you could have only seen on Action News.

Cleveland city leaders are looking at an automated system that could call homes and businesses to warn you about dangerous police standoffs, water main breaks, even mosquito spraying.

The alerts could be set to call numbers in a one-block area or throughout the city.

"It would be speak in English, Spanish, Asian, whatever language the people want to receive the message in," councilman Zack Reed said.

The city administration and council are just starting to explore the option, but they believe that they could make it happen.

Mayor Jane Campbell also wants to create a special 311 line for Clevelanders to call in everything from a dog bite to downed electrical lines.

The city council likes her idea, but the mayor still has to find the money to make it happen.