Witnesses: Caregivers locked girl up in dog cage

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – Detectives are following up on some disturbing reports regarding Rilya Wilson -- the missing girl whose birth mother now resides in East Cleveland, Action News' Lynna Lai reported.

As authorities in Florida try to figure out how Rilya vanished from her two Sunshine State caregivers, they have gotten word from some witnesses that she might have sometimes been caged while in foster care.

Welfare workers lost track of Rilya nearly two years ago, and she hasn't been seen since.

Detectives are now talking to witnesses who claim that Rilya was sometimes locked up inside a dog cage while under the care of Geralyn and Pamela Graham.

Investigators said they believe that her two foster caregivers know more than they will admit.

The Miami Herald reported that witnesses have come forward, claiming that the Grahams sometimes kept the girl locked up inside a dog cage.

Detectives did find a dog cage that is large enough to hold a small child inside the Grahams' home, but they're still trying to confirm witness accounts.

"There's a (Florida Department of Children and Families) social worker who left my house with her," Geralyn Graham claimed.

Since Rilya disappeared in January 2001, the Grahams have insisted that a Florida state social worker picked up the little girl for a doctor's appointment and never returned.

Rilya, who would have turned 6 years old in September, was born to a crack-addicted mother who now lives in East Cleveland.

Gloria Wilson was forced to give up her daughter to foster care, and now can only watch and hope.

"They didn't take any better care of my children than I could have," Gloria said.

As the case takes another disturbing turn with no progress at all, there are now reports questioning the Grahams' relationship. Geralyn and Pamela Graham claim to be half-sisters, but police believe that they might be lovers.

Friends and relatives claimed that the pair had a commitment ceremony eight years ago.