Choppers, K9s and swarm of authorities scouring Mansfield for suspect

Choppers, K9s and swarm of authorities scouring Mansfield for suspect
Authorities suspect Shawn Christy is hiding out somewhere in the Mansfield area.

MANSFIELD, OH (WOIO) -There’s a search for a fugitive in Mansfield.

Mansfield fugitive is still on the run

Federal, state and local law enforcement are looking for 27-year-old Shawn Christy.

Why? He’s accused of threatening police.. and even voicing intentions to kill President Donald Trump and other elected officials.

The staging area is the Ohio Highway Patrol post in Mansfield. Authorities have been deploying lots of people and equipment to find and capture Christy, 27, of Pennsylvania.

“We have canine units here. We have air support, we have guys out on ATVs. It’s a hot day today, but we’ve got guys ready to move and they’ve been here since Sunday, since the initial incident happened. This is an important case and we’re going to continue to treat it like that. The citizens of Mansfield are important to us...Based on our investigation, based on his past practice we believe him to still be here and that’s why we’re settling all of our resources still in this area,” said U.S. Marshal Ann Murphy.

Agent Murphy stressed that Christy is considered armed and dangerous. She says there are at least 75 people out looking for him.

Agent Murphy says authorities are systemically shrinking the area that Christy can hide in. They are asking everybody to be on alert and to call with any tip and they will follow up on it.

He has been on the run since he ditched a vehicle on Sunday.

He has a distinctive tattoo on his right arm and the feds are asking people to be careful if they spot him. Several schools in the area have been closed as the manhunt continues.

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