Is crime really that bad in Ohio City and Tremont? Fact vs. Fiction

Neighborhood officials speak out over crime on the city’s near-west side.

Is crime really that bad in Ohio City and Tremont? Fact vs. Fiction

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Historic Ohio City has become a magnetic neighborhood for work, life and play over the recent decades.

Ohio City Crime

In fact, a recent census showed that while Cleveland is losing population, Ohio City is one of only three neighborhoods that has increased in population.

However, along with that growth are some growing pains.

Chad Biggers is the community safety liaison for Ohio City Incorporated. We asked him to help us separate the fact from fiction when it comes to neighborhood crime.

The first statement we wanted to check: safety is the number one concern for people living in Ohio City.

Turns out that's a fact.

"Residents unanimously say that safety is their number one issue," said Biggers.

Something else that's out there: there are a lot of issues with safety in the neighborhood. That is not entirely the case.

“When you look at crime rates, especially when you are talking about violent crime, Ohio City is actually much lower. We don’t have the violent crime that you see across the city,” added Biggers.

To say there is no violent crime in Ohio city, that’s fiction. But the majority of the crime reported in Ohio City may surprise you.

“The number one reason people file a police report in Ohio City are car break-ins. It makes up 30 percent of all the police reports that we see coming out of Ohio City,” said Biggers.

Biggers says, yes, there are crimes of opportunity, but just look at all the cameras that are around. The criminals, Biggers says, are getting caught thanks to all the eyes that are watching, and that’s a fact too.

Tremont is another up-and-coming neighborhood that has been targeted by criminals recently.

Tremont West Development Corporation would not do an interview about crime in Tremont. The organization would only release a statement.

A Statement from Tremont West:

“Tremont West knows that every incident of crime is a serious issue for the victims. We never want to minimize their trauma or suffering, and will always do whatever we can to connect them to helpful resources whenever we can. With that said, it is also important to establish that Tremont is a much safer community than it is given credit for. It is nearly impossible to walk through the neighborhood without finding someone out walking their dog, catching the 81 bus, or sitting on one of the many patios or porches in the neighborhood. While incidents that do happen garner a lot of attention because they happen in Tremont, statistics show that Tremont is a safe, vibrant, and growing community in the city. This is due in large part to two major assets that Tremont has. The first is the Second District. With officers that regularly attend community meetings and share information with our residents, as well as learning about safety concerns of the residents, the officers of the Second District do a great job of keeping our streets safe. The second major asset is our community members themselves. They are always engaged around safety, and regularly communicate with our Safety Organizer and the Second District about areas of concern or ongoing problems. They communicate with each other so that residents know what is happening and where, and know when to be extra vigilant. They also share information about camera footage and who might have seen something when an incident does happen. With all of this support and communication, Tremont will continue to be a safe neighborhood.”

By the numbers:

Cleveland’s Second District makes up 22.52% of the city’s population. Here’s a breakdown of the crime, by percentage:

Rape 12.42%

Robbery 15.90%

Robbery without Firearm 16.59%

Robbery with Firearm 15.18%

Felonious Assault 14.52%

FA without Firearm 17.47%

FA with Firearm 9.89%

Burglary 17.81%

Theft 15.79%

Grand Theft MV 9.36%

Arson 14.85%

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