Know the signs: Parking problems in downtown Cleveland

Missing a sign can lead to a massive fine and tow.

Know the signs: Parking problems in downtown Cleveland
Missing these parking restrictions can be a costly mistake

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Nothing can ruin a night out in downtown Cleveland quicker than coming out and seeing a parking ticket on your windshield, unless it’s finding your car towed, because you parked in a no parking zone.

Downtown Parking

Heather Topoly, of Cuyahoga Falls, had that unfortunate experience recently. Topoly was downtown at the Culinary Fest but when she returned to find her car towed. She had to Uber home.

“It cost me $190 dollars and $60 in Uber fees because I live 45 minutes away from downtown,” Topoly said.

There are “no parking” signs on the street where Topoly parked but she says it was dark and that the signs are too high up on the telephone pole so she missed them. There are no signs on the street that threaten a tow if a car is parked at a restricted time.

It brings up the point that it can be easy to miss a parking restriction sign downtown if you are not careful, especially on a day or night when the Indains, Cavs or Browns are playing.

There are special restrictions on game days and if you are not accustomed to watching for the signs, it is easy to miss them and you can very quickly rack up a heft parking ticket.

The Browns play at the stadium on Thursday night and city officials tell us that the temporary parking restriction signs will be up by tomorrow.

Topoly does not come downtown often and is not sure when when will make her next trip, she says the ticketing and towing as a revenue generator, “I saw two tow trucks go by and they were towing cars left and right.”

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