Cleveland family’s dog attacked and killed by pit bull

The pit bull remains in the owner’s home following the fatal attack.

Cleveland family’s dog attacked and killed by pit bull
The Lehmann family dog, Tyson, was killed in a pit bull attack

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Laura Lehmann is despondent. Her Lhasa Apso, Tyson, was the victim of a pit bull attack right in front of her west side home. The family pet was rushed to the vet but died from his injuries.

Family dog killed by Pitbull

Lehmann was with Tyson in her front yard when the pit bull, unprovoked, she says, attacked, “I haven’t been able to sleep because I see it every night in my head.”

John Baird, the Chief Animal Control Officer for the city of Cleveland, says the prosecutor has the case and charges have been filed against the owner of the pit bull. But for now, the dog is still in the owners home and that has added to her grief.

“I want my dog to sleep in peace knowing that I did help him,” Lehmann said, “That night I couldn’t, I want to help him now and I want that dog gone."

Lehmann and her grandchildren buried Tyson in their backyard and she struggles, she says, with feelings of regret that she couldn’t do more to save Tyson during the attack, “He’ll never be replaced, and I can’t even get another dog as much as I want to,” she says, “It’s not Tyson, it will never be him.”

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