Answers for woman who says neighbor was dumping human waste in back yard

Odetta Fields points to the area she says her neighbor has been dumping human feces.
Odetta Fields points to the area she says her neighbor has been dumping human feces.(WOIO)
Published: Sep. 24, 2018 at 6:23 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Imagine your neighbor turning their backyard into a bathroom?

We told you last week about a woman living next door to a couple with no plumbing or electricity.

The result: a horrible and stinky back yard latrine.

Now tonight, we have results.

“Thank you Channel 19,” Exclaimed Cleveland Resident, Odetta

Fields may be smiling now, but last time we spoke, she was in a smelly situation with no smile on her face.

“He was dumping it in the garbage cans and now he’s taking it out back and dumping it by the fence,” said Fields back in our Sept. 17 Interview.

She wasn’t only concerned about her health, but the heath of everyone in the area - after she says her neighbor was dumping human waste in the back yard.

“It’s not even a smell you can get used to. It’s contaminating the whole neighborhood, the smell is aweful,” said Fields.

The couple who lived in one half of the duplex next door had been on hard times, no plumbling or electricity. Their home - also infested with roaches, making the backyard a disgusting mess.

Fields says that she had been in contact with the department of aging for months to try and get her next door neighbor help. But it was our story that ended up getting results in the long run.

“It has been a true blessing because Mr and Ms. Howard now have plumbing upstairs and they’re taking care of the bugs,” added Fields.

But Fields is wondering why city leaders took so long, why she had to wait nearly five years and why it took a call to Cleveland 19 to get results.

“The department of aging has been wonderful in helping them and it was all due to me calling them this past month in a half. So if I could get this done in a month and a half for our seniors... then why couldn’t our councilman do it in the past four years,” said Fields.

Regardless, she’s just satisfied she was able to assist the department of aging in helping those next door.

“They got the adult protective services involved. They got health involved. They got a visiting nurse involved. They helped Mr. and Mrs. Howard,” added Fields.

And we're happy we were able to shed some light on an unfortunate situation.

“Thank You for getting us answers Channel 19,” concluded Fields.

We reached out to Field’s councilman... Anthony Bracantelli about his side of the story.

He declined to comment saying... this is now an official court case.... but says he’s happy to the couple are getting the help they need.

We’re however are also checking on what Laws the Landlord could have potentially broken.

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