Cleveland police officer and Central Catholic football coach shows players the true meaning of ‘Ironman’ after horrific car crash

This high school coach is showing his kids what it takes to push through adversity.

Coach exemplifies toughness after recovering from brutal car crash

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Central Catholic head coach John Lundy wears a lot of hats on a daily basis.

Alongside his duties with the team, he doubles as a veteran Cleveland police officer working nights in his 29th year.

He’s a coach, a teacher but most importantly a leader.

Qualities he tries to instill in his students every year.

“I like to be there for my guys," Lundy said smiling inside the weight room; a place he affectionately calls his sanctuary.

“It’s just how I grew up Lundy added,” before playing at the University of Akron he excelled playing ball at Villa Angela St. Joseph High School.

Lundy has been battle tested on the field but nothing compared to the fight of his life during the winter of 2016.

He was on duty when his car spun out of control slamming into a tree near 71st Street and Hough.

(Source: Buffington, Randolph)
(Source: Buffington, Randolph)
(Source: Buffington, Randolph)

The scene was ugly, leaving Lundy with a punctured lung, cracked ribs, and ligament damage in his knee.

(Source: Buffington, Randolph)

Following the accident, Lundy rehabbed himself.

More times than not with the team, working alongside his players in the weight room.

Lundy who’s been coaching for over a decade kept the streak alive to continue his passion.

I want to be an inspiration. That’s what an Ironman is, we’re gonna keep fighting.
John Lundy

School staff and players alike spoke highly of the coach, who is on-call for both 24/7.

The Ironmen are still in pursuit of a victory, but Lundy is encouraging his group to keep their heads up high despite the challenges ahead.

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