Cleveland’s head-scratching traffic seizures require attention, solutions (editorial)

Drivers, contractors and city officials all play a role in keeping everyone moving forward.

Cleveland’s head-scratching traffic seizures require attention, solutions (editorial)
Now's the time to fix Cleveland's avoidable traffic issues.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - One of Cleveland’s fantastic features, believe it or not, usually is the traffic situation. It might not feel like it most days, but trust me, plenty of cities have much worse issues than the ones we generally face.

Cleveland’s head-scratching traffic seizures require attention, solutions (editorial)

Lately, though, things haven’t been as smooth. A bus wreck the morning of Sept. 26 backed up rush hour traffic for almost two hours for many people, showing just how dependent the area is on I-90.

That was also made clear twice in the last five weeks when contractor Burton Scot failed to get all the lanes open by 6 a.m. for their resurfacing project between I-77 and State Route 2.

Things are going to happen, but it’s a tougher pill to swallow when it happens more than once.

ODOT is fining Burton Scot over $10,000, but I doubt they’ll be sending checks out to everyone who’s inconvenienced each time the cones stay out later than they were supposed to.

It’s tough to see the whole city shut down because of a wreck on one road, but it’s easy to see the entire traffic plan crumble as cars fill up other routes, impatient drivers cause more wrecks and we all sit and stare.

So, what’s the fix? Well, having contractors meet their daily deadlines would be a start.

All of us on the roads need to make sure we’re paying attention to minimize accidents. And maybe someone much smarter than me needs to figure out the best way to take the pressure off our current driving patterns.

When too many cones or even one accident can shut down the whole town, there just has to be a solution.

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