Cleveland woman’s dogs attacked by neighbor’s pit bull

Cleveland woman’s dogs attacked by neighbor’s pit bull
The dog owner doesn't blame the breed, but said pit bull owners need to be vigilant. (Source: Bitcentral)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - One West Side Cleveland woman says she’s afraid to leave her house, after two of her dogs were attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull.

Cleveland Woman’s Dogs Attacked by Neighbors Pit Bull

She says she’s concerned mainly because her two dogs were fenced in, yet this still happened.

“Missy was being dragged around like a rag doll,” said West 116th Street home owner, Brenda Nichols.

It’s a video that Nichols says is extremely difficult to watch.

“She had the cone on her head and she was just defenseless,” cried Nichols.

It shows one of her Border Collies being attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull.

“I got the camera right there. You can’t really see up close but you can tell. You see her cone flipping around hopping over the fence. You see them kicking and beating the dog,” said Nichols.

Apparently, this isn’t a first.

“This happened three times. I just couldn’t believe it. It happened three times. One time I can accept like being an accident I was willing to forgive her,” added Nichols.

She says the original attack happened on Sept. 23 where her dog, Bear, was the victim.

“I talked to her for a minute. She was very apologetic. She said she would pay for all the bills,” recalled Nichols.

She tells Cleveland 19 that same dog came back just five days later. This time her other dog, Missy, was in trouble.

“I was just in shock. I didn’t know what to do, what to say,” said Nichols.

And right after Missy got back from the vets office, it happened again.

“Now I got to sit around and look at them in pain. Missy’s back there. She won’t eat. Hell, I ain’t even been eating,” exclaimed Nichols.

Even though this brutal attack happened to her dogs, she doesn’t blame the breed - but the owner.

“I don’t think all of them are bad, I think it’s the owner because the owners are responsible. They are the caretakers of the dog.”

We tried to talk to the owner of the pit bull who lives just two streets over, but no one was home.

“I’m pressing charges. I’m gonna try and file a lawsuit. I’m gonna try to do whatever I have to do because I want her to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the animal law,” concluded Nichols.

Thankfully, her two companions are expected to makes a full recovery.

Once again, the pit bull was taken in.

However, we’re talking to the city about why it took three attacks for it to be picked up.

Dan Williams with the city tells Cleveland 19 that’s under investigation.

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