Students learn to ‘Breath and Believe’ in school yoga class

Yoga helps students handle the stresses of school in the Parma School District

Students learn to ‘Breath and Believe’ in school yoga class
Kids Yoga (Source: Koster, Brian)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Middle school can be a tough time for kids, but we’re taking you inside Hillside Middle School in the Parma School District, where yoga is helping students better handle the stresses of school.

Students Learn to ‘Breath and Believe’ in School Yoga Class

The classes are building in popularity. Originally ten to twenty kids would participate, but today more than 100 students showed up.

“I love that the children value mindfulness and know that this is a good, safe place for them to come and start their morning each day,” says Kasey Kellem.

Kellem is the school counselor. But for the past six years, she’s instructed the morning ‘Breathe and Believe’ classes, before school. Now she even comes into the 5th and 6th grade classes to teach ‘Mindfulness’. The goal is to prevent kids from getting into trouble and to know how to handle social issues and other struggles at school.

“I’m not as anxious as I usually am. So when I’m in class, randomly, it will be hard to breathe, and in remember savasana in yoga and I caught my breath,” says Kayla, a 7th grader at Hillside Middle School.

“I helps me feel empowered. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I’m excited to go here,” says Wil, who’s in 5th grade at Hillside.

Kellem is presenting her work in November to the All Ohio Counselors Convention.

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