Famous cat Lil BUB comes to Cleveland to make A Special Wish come true

Famous cat Lil BUB comes to Cleveland to make A Special Wish come true
Lil BUB & "Her Dude," Mike Bridavsky. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A fundraiser benefiting local cat rescue Tails from the City also made a special wish come true for a local teen named Paige.

The fundraiser featured a famous cat with millions of social media followers named Lil BUB, who was born with genetic anomalies that need special care. According to Lil BUB’s website, she is a “perma-kitten”, meaning she will stay kitten sized her entire life. She also has an extreme case of dwarfism, an exceptionally rare condition that makes her bones denser with age called osteopetrosis, extra toes, a significantly shorter lower jaw, and no teeth.

Lil BUB (Source: WOIO)

Tails from the City says this cat is viral because her inspirational story of survival, overcoming the odds, maintaining happiness and a kind and loving spirit along the way tends to resonate with people of all walks of life, including Paige.

Paige has also had to overcome her own odds, as Tails from the City tells us:

“Paige was a healthy 9-month-old baby girl whose life changed suddenly it was discovered she had a brain tumor. Despite the tumor’s small size, it was located in a very dangerous area between the pituitary gland and optic nerves. Her medical team decided that quick intervention was necessary. Paige soon underwent a 9-hour surgery followed by 18 months of chemo treatments. She had to endure several more surgeries to insert feeding tubes, spinal drains, and chemo ports. Despite these complications, Paige remained a strong, happy baby. Finally, a few months after her first birthday, she was able to go home, where she continued to improve. At two and a half years old, she successfully completed her chemo regimen, and thankfully what little remains of her tumor has remained stable ever since. Although Paige has lost all pituitary function and most of her vision, she has overcome these challenges to excel in everything she does. She is now a rising high school junior studying several advanced classes with a consistent place on the honor roll. She loves life, learning, and enjoys having an amazing group of supportive friends.”

Paige is also a huge Lil BUB fan. A Special Wish worked with Lil BUB’s owner and caretaker Mike Bridavsky, affectionately known as “Her Dude,” and Tails from the City to have Paige meet the famous cat.

The fundraiser was called Lil Brunch, Lil Bubbly, Lil BUB!

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