Rally Possum a lucky charm again?

Rally Possum
Rally Possum(WOIO)
Updated: Oct. 7, 2018 at 11:40 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In another nail-biter that went into overtime, the Browns had a secret weapon on their side Sunday.

“Fear the possum,” said Rick Hicks from Columbus.

You may remember that Thursday night game against the Jets when a Browns fan found the opossum, grabbed him by the tail, and put him in a box.

Well, the Browns won that game!

“Keep bringing him up there. Division win, we’re good to go!” said Rob Whitmyer from Louisville.

T-shirts were made, and the little guy was dubbed the “Rally Possum.”

“How can you not buy the shirt? First of all, it says ‘Rally Possum,’ second of all, we won when the possum showed up. That’s all you need to know!” Hicks said.

When the Browns tweeted out video of the critter running around outside the stadium before the game. Fans told Cleveland 19′s Lacey Crisp, it was no coincidence the Browns won. “No, there’s no coincidence. There’s no such thing in life as coincidences. Things happen for a reason and there’s reason behind things. There’s definitely meaning behind the possum!” Hicks said.

“It should be an additional mascot! The Indians have all their mascots! Why not the Browns?” said John Stiles.

With the tale of the opossum now spreading, fans are wondering if the creature can spread the luck to other Cleveland teams?

"Can we get the rally possum over to Progressive Field for tomorrow? You’re going to have to! They’re down 0-2!” Whitmyer said.

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