Lifetime hunting and fishing licenses now available in Ohio

Youth, adults and seniors are now eligible

Lifetime hunting and fishing licenses now available in Ohio
A mature white-tailed deer buck stands alertly in a suburban neighborhood in Moreland Hills, Ohio on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011. The Ohio Department of Public Safety is warning drivers to remain cautious of deer on roadways as the mating season for the animal runs through January. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta) (Source: Amy Sancetta)


According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio residents can now purchase lifetime hunting or fishing licenses.

Lifetime licenses can be purchased online or at any of the department’s Division of Wildlife offices or at the Columbus headquarters.

All of the funds from multiyear and lifetime license sales will go to the Wildlife Fund to be used to protect and enhance Ohio’s wildlife populations.

Price Information

  • Youth 3-year hunting: $28.60
  • Youth 5-year hunting: $47.58
  • Youth 10-year hunting: $95.16
  • Youth lifetime hunting or fishing: $430.56
  • Adult 3-year hunting or fishing: $54.08
  • Adult 5-year hunting or fishing: $90.22
  • Adult 10-year hunting or fishing: $180.44
  • Adult lifetime hunting or fishing: $468
  • Senior 3-year hunting or fishing: $28.60
  • Senior 5-year hunting or fishing: $47.58
  • Senior lifetime hunting or fishing: $84.24

All single-year and multiyear licenses can be purchased online at and at participating agents.

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