'We will not be victims’:Ashland County stalker survivor speaks out

Heather Fairchild says she’s no longer afraid now that she has her Conceal Carry License

'We will not be victims’:Ashland County stalker survivor speaks out
Source: Ashland County Pictures

Ashland, OH (WOIO) - An Ashland County man convicted of stalking more than 20 people is behind bars.

Scott Fulk, 47, was arrested and then convicted on seven counts of menacing by stalking and possessing criminal tools.

He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, fined and put on probation for five years.

One of the women he targeted for year is stepping out of the shadows, now that she got her Conceal Carry License.

Ashland County stalker survivor armed and ready to defend herself

Heather Fairchild says “we will not be victims.”

Fairchild says it all began with letters with no return address.

“It started about 13 years ago for me. at first, I didn’t really think nothing of it," she said. “A lot of people think, they’re just harmless letters. No, they can turn into something," said Fairchild.

Little did she know that several other men and women were receiving the same disturbing notes, until she and a group of women started comparing on social media.

“Oh my gosh, this is the same person," said Fairchild.

They went to police.

“Within two weeks they got a search warrant, searched his house and found a lot of evidence," she said. “He had underwear that he had dug through people’s trash, cigarette butts, drinking items, empty bottles that had somebody’s name on it," said Fairchild.

There were more than 20 victims but all of his crimes were a first-degree misdemeanor.

So when Judge John Good offered the people who were victimized by Fulk to take free Conceal Carry Weapon classes, Fairchild jumped on it. She is grateful to those who donated their time and resources.

“That was incredible. I feel so much safer now knowing that I can defend myself," she said.

She feels safer knowing Fulk is behind bars.

“I know he did send another letter out to a friend of his saying that he was scared that we all were armed. So it’s like, how do you feel now?”

Fulk is scheduled for release March 2019. Heather says she’s no longer worried.

“I’ll be ready for him if he comes back, if he comes here, I’ll definitely be ready," she said.

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