Portage County businesses strained during water advisory

Updated: Oct. 17, 2018 at 8:06 PM EDT
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WINDHAM VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - Ashley Eisenbarth took over Dee’s Diner in Windham two months ago, and until this week, business has been good.

“All of our stuff runs off water: the coffee, the drinks, we make tea, creamer with the water. We had no time and we weren’t told about it,” Eisenbarth said.

She had to close the restaurant Tuesday after the water alert was issued.

“It has been difficult. We had to go buy cases of water. I've had to buy gallons of water,” Eisenbarth said.

Windham Village administrators explain the problem is because they have a closed pipe system.

They add a chemical to the water to coat the pipes so nothing flakes off from the pipes and into the water.

That chemical built up inside the pipes and didn’t allow the chlorine to push through, which meant too much manganese.

They are working on cleaning out the pipes.

“All the tests that we’ve done in the lab and that the EPA has done has showed positive, good results,” said Village Administrator Maurice Hankins.

This plant is designed so that the pipes need to be cleaned out every five to six years to prevent this from happening.

“Somewhere along the lines, we think someone forgot to get it cleaned out. We know for sure it was around 2006-2007,” Hankins said.

Even though the warning is only for infants, pregnant women Eisenbarth says she's not taking any risks.

“We would rather go buy clean water that we know is ok to use and just use that until they give us the 100% we are OK,” she said.

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