Teen dreams of becoming first woman NFL player: Romona’s Kids

Teen dreams of becoming first woman NFL player: Romona’s Kids

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - One day you might be seeing a local teenager on the field at FirstEnergy Stadium as the first woman player in the National Football League.

Teen Hopes To Be First Woman NFL Player: Romona’s Kids

Pacey Lawson is in her third year playing football for North Ridgeville Middle School.

“I play 5 positions, I play right and left tackle, right and left guard and nose guard and I’m going to be learning how to kick,” said Lawson.

Pacey was a football cheerleader, but one day turned to her mother and said she wanted to be on the field instead.

“I think she was kind of shocked and we talked about it for a year and I just started playing,” said Lawson.

Pacey says her teammates were also a little shocked.

“It was just kind of weird at first but I got to know my teammates and everything just got better and I’m friends with all of them,” said Lawson.

Her goal is to play football in high school and college, then the NFL, and she hopes her story is empowering for other girls.

“Sometimes guys think that only guys can do certain things and when I told the guys at school that I’m going to be playing football, they said 'you’re not allowed to play because you’re a girl and I said watch me!”

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