Akron Zoo in the midst of $17 million expansion

Akron Zoo in the midst of $17 million expansion
GF Default - Akron Zoo in midst of $17 million expansion

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Inspired by the savannas of Kenya and Tanzania the Akron Zoo is converting three acres into new enclosures.

Akron Zoo in midst of $17 million expansion

Two new exhibits are coming to the Akron Zoo. The Pride of Africa, which will house a pride of lions, and Wild Asia, recreating the jungles of Southeast Asia and the Himalayan forests, will be completed in May of 2019 and the summer of 2020 respectively.

During a press conference at the foot of the undeveloped exhibit CEO and president of the Akron Zoo Doug Piekarz outlined the conservation and educational objectives of the expansion.

“This is one of the key ways to create that connection in an up close and personal experience,” Piekarz said.

The $17 million project is being funded with an $11 million levy and a $6 million “Roar” campaign. The fundraising effort has already raised $3 million towards the improvements.

Akron mayor Dan Horrigan called the Zoo a great economic development partner.

“The Pride of Africa will deliver a state of the art complex that will address... our ability to manage a pride of lions, right here in Akron,” Piekarz said. This is something that has never been done. .

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