Exterminators sound alarm over bedbug epidemic in Northeast Ohio

Exterminators sound alarm over bedbug epidemic in Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Local exterminators say there’s a growing bedbug epidemic in Northeast Ohio.

Exterminators say there’s a bed bug epidemic in Northeast Ohio

“The hassle can be dramatic to a lot of people. A lot of psychiatric. They just go out their minds,” said exterminator Wayne Minor.

Minor works with Dales Pest Control in Vermilion. He says the little bugs have the potential to ruin someone’s life.

“Once we get rid of them, they always have it in the back of their head that they still have them,” recalled minor.

Recent Cleveland 19 interviews really show how much of a pain they are.

"It's hell. It makes you itch. They bite and they mainly come out at night," said Amy Duncan.

And they love to gather in your bed. Dale Pluck, owner of Dale's Pest Control says there's currently an epidemic in the city of Lorain.

"Stores have them. Doctors offices have them. You can almost pick them up anywhere," said Pluck.

"Schools are now picking them up so we're now seeing a lot of kids bringing home bed bugs in their backpacks," added Minor.

Even though this bedbug epidemic seems to be a really big problem in Lorain, exterminators say they’re affecting more locations in Northeast Ohio.

“Lorain, Sandusky. Sheffield Lake and also the West side of Cleveland. So they’re everywhere,” said Pluck.

But what are the signs of having bedbugs in your home?

“Black speckles along their mattress, or If they see any, like, red splotches on their socks,” said Pluck.

However don’t think just because you’re not getting bit that you’re in the clear. You could still have them.

"That's because the bed bugs have one blood type over another that they like," said Minor.

The experts say prevention is next to impossible, but one thing you do to curtail an attack is have a licensed exterminator treat your home twice a year.

It also won't hurt to start checking around the house now for any unwanted guest.

“The biggest thing is investigation. You have to investigate a home,” concluded Pluck.

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