Trash talk between SPIRE Institute and Garfield basketball has Ohio on fire

LaMelo Ball’s introduction to the SPIRE Institute was in no way quiet.

Trash talk between SPIRE Institute and Garfield basketball has Ohio on fire
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - High school basketball is heating up in Northeast Ohio with the help of two coaches from two premier programs.

Meet Jermaine Jackson, the head coach of SPIRE Institute in Geneva.

If it sounds familiar that’s because it’s now where famed son LaMelo Ball will wrap up his senior season.

Brief bio on Ball

The 17-year-old played in Lithuania last year, and most recently did a stint in his father’s JBA league.

The youngest of 3 boys, he says he hopes to play college basketball at a top school.

Friday he listed UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, MSU among his list of prime colleges.

He was welcomed to Ohio with open arms.

Ball recently got a billboard, yes, a BILLBOARD off I-90 West in Cleveland.

Welcome to Ohio, LaMelo!
Welcome to Ohio, LaMelo! (Source: Overtime)

The team held a press conference on Friday, Nov. 9.

If you weren’t entertained already, here you go:

In the presser Jackson called out Sonny Johnson of Garfield Heights High School.

Garfield has been a top program in the area for years, and Johnson has played a role in the development in the number of phenoms from the likes of Trey Lewis, David Bell to Tony Farmer.

This was his response

Fans are now anticipating a matchup between the two squads.

Johnson had made a video with his highly touted prospect Meechie Johnson just days prior.

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