Bloated Cleveland City Council needs to downsize (editorial)

Bloated Cleveland City Council needs to downsize (editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When it comes to the Cleveland City Council, how many is too many?

Bloated Cleveland City Council needs to downsize (editorial)

A group called Cleveland First is pushing for ballot measures that would reduce the city council from 17 members to nine, and cut council members’ salaries.

Not surprisingly, Council President Kevin Kelley isn’t a fan of either measure, saying fewer members mean less representation for the people, and lower salaries could make it tougher to find the most qualified candidates.

I do get the salary issue, and we do want these jobs to be desirable for the most talented people.

What’s not up for debate is that Cleveland’s city council has more members than almost anyone in the country – and the cities with more are all a lot larger than us.

With each of Cleveland’s council members representing 23,000 people. cities about our same size generally have one member for every 45,000 people, or more!

There’s obviously no magic number, but it would be nice to see our city in alignment with other cities’ best practices.

We have a lot of fragmentation in Northeast Ohio already.

Maybe looking at the size of our government would be a good place to start bringing people together.

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