Hate raking leaves? We have a way you don’t ever have to do it again!

Or if you want to rake, we have the benefits of that too

Hate raking leaves? We have a way you don’t ever have to do it again!
By getting a mulching blade on your lawnmower, you can cut up the leaves instead of raking them. The small decaying leaves become free fertilizer. (Source: Pixabay)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -The snow hasn’t pilled up yet so you still have some time, but the bottom line is if you don’t want to kill your lawn you’ve got to get the leaves off of it.

Hate raking leaves? We have a way you don’t ever have to do it again!

There are two ways to do it, and the good news is one of the way does not involve raking at all.

“You can use a mulching lawnmower blade,” according to David Kriska with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. “These are blades that have extra blades on the ends, and all they do is they beat that leaf up over and over and over.”

You can thank me later. Who hates raking leaves? It's fun for about 10 minutes.

Posted by Dan DeRoos Cleveland 19 on Thursday, November 15, 2018

By cutting up the leaves to the size of a thumbnail they are small enough to fall to below your grass line.

And guess what? It will save you money too, as the leaves decay.

“It gets back into your soil,” Kriska said. “It’s free fertilizer. It makes your lawn happy, it makes you happy and it makes your pocket book happy.”

If you do decide to rake, Kriska said there are advantages to that too, like Vitamin N (which you’ve probably never heard of).

“This thing researchers are calling Vitamin N, vitamin nature, just being out doors. It’s good. You’re lowering your stress levels.”

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