Barrio sues new competitor, argues Condado copied its look

Barrio sues new competitor, argues Condado copied its look
(Source: Bivins, Brittany)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new taco restaurant opened up in the Pinecrest development on Thursday afternoon. It's called Condado. The restaurant specializes in fresh-made, custom-order tacos.

New taco restaurant opens in Cleveland, another one sues

"A lot of energy, a lot of different people, a lot of--the cartoons are really cute," said Simone Powell, who was one of the first in line for the grand opening.

Ninita Coleman, who has been working for Condado since 2015 in Columbus, came from the original location to help train the new Cleveland staff and prepare for the day's first customers.

"They like the food a lot. They're really excited by the half-off margaritas. And I just think they're surprised by how cool it looks in here," she said. "I don't think anywhere else really has the same, so I think we really stand out."

There is one restaurant already in town that disagrees, though. Barrio filed a lawsuit months ago citing trade dress infringement. The suit accused Condado of copying their look and overall ambiance.

"Not only are the ingredients all fresh and the overall theme being 'Day of the Dead,' but patrons order from preprinted checklists, placed at every table together with pre-sharpened pencils," says one portion of the suit.

“Prior to receiving their custom designed taco, patrons are provided fresh chips and salsa and libations each served in a conusingly similar fashion as though the patron was at Barrio,” says another.

The owner of Condado was not available for an interview today, but has in the past called the suit “frivolous.” We didn’t hear back from Barrio owners in time for this story.

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