'The Toy Insider’ put to the test: Top toys for kids 1 to 4

'The Toy Insider’ put to the test: Top toys for kids 1 to 4

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We put some of the ‘The Toy Insider’s Top Holiday Toys’ to the test with the real experts: Kids ages 1 to 4.

“This is just a sampling of the best toys for younger kids on your list,” explains Ali Mierzejewski, of ‘The Toy Insider’.

From a ride-on animated pony, to train sets, dolls and classic blocks, the kids spent almost two hours testing them out.

'The Toy Insider’ put to the test: Top toys for kids 1 to 4

“The airplane set,” was a favorite with Will, one of our 4-year-old boy toy testers.

Will’s talking about the Magformers Skytracks Playset:

“There’s sensors on it so it’ll go up on the elevator and once it gets to the top, it’ll hit our gravity defying roller right there,” explains Mierzejewski.

Surprisingly, one of the first toys the kids went to, to play with, were the building blocks.

“They’re a classic, great for kids because of dexterity skills,” says Mierzejewski.

The Crayola ones we tried come in a big package that also makes clean-up easy.

For the little ones, 9-months to preschool, Ali brought in the ’Stroll and Discover Activity Walker' by ‘Vtech’.

“The activity panel detaches and can be used for floor play and as they grow up, they learn to walk with it.”

“They can learn their numbers and colors and animals, piano keys, animal friends,” explains Mierzejewski.

Another favorite: “Slime!”

The slime in a variety of textures: Fluffy, Clearz, and Glitzy.

The Fluffy did not seem to stick to our hands. The Glitzy was the messiest and most difficult to get off.

“It’s just this three pound tub of slime that kids can play with, they can get their hands in,” says Mierzejewski.

The slime buckets are made by WeCool.

Also in the sensory toy category, Googly Balls by Imperial Toys.

The younger and the older kids seemed to enjoy tossing them around.

“They have these cool tactile things on the outside of the surface so they’re really good for sensory play for kids,” says Mierzejewski.

We also sampled a few of the toys with the classic characters kids know, like the “Shall We Be Fancy, Fancy Nancy Talking Doll” and the “PJ Mask Super Moon Adventure Rocket.” The adventure rocket was among the favorites.

The Moana Digital Recording studio seemed fairly complicated, with all the buttons, for the kids to work properly. The process of downloading songs onto the device with a smartphone also took a few tries.

The Calico Critter Grand Department Store set, kept the 3-year-old’s busy.

“It’s imaginative play, open-ended play, kids can tell their own stories, create their own adventures and you see it’s good for multiple kids to play with,” says Mierzejewski.

And while some were scared of the toy at first, eventually every child wanted a turn with the Rideamals Scout Pony:

“The kids can actually ride this pony. It’s a fully interactive pet. His eyes will blink. His ears will move. You can pet his face, all kids of sensors on him that he’ll react,” explains Mierzejewski.

It will require a lot of open space. But they’re calling this the “Hero Gift” of the season because any one who gives it, will certainly be a hero!

For a look at all of ‘The Toy Insiders Top Holiday Toys’ and a link to make a purchase, head to the website.

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