Kid experts, ages 6+, test out hottest 2018 Christmas toys (video/photos)

Kid experts, ages 6+, test out hottest 2018 Christmas toys (video/photos)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Every year, “The Toy Insider” comes out with the list of the hottest toys for the holiday season, but what do the “experts” -- the kids -- think about these toys?

Kids older than 4 test the top toys from ’The Toy Insider’

“I’m an expert toy tester,” says 8-year-old Lilly.

The kids ranged from 6 to 11 years old, and spent a good hour and a half testing out the toys.

“My favorite toy was the Beaker Creatures,” says Anna, who’s also 8 years old.

The STEM-based lab experiment was a hit with all these little scientists at heart.

“It comes with little reactor pods, also sold separately, so you can keep doing experiments over and over,” explains Ali Mierzejewski from The Toy Insider.

The reactor pod goes into a test tube and syringes are filled with water. The water travels to the test tube, bubbles up and a creature is revealed.

“I really like it. This is cool," says Anna.

"I think it’s pretty cool, but you should probably do it outside,” adds Lilly.

Speaking of messy fun, Breakout Beasts were a top pick.

“The dinosaur with the slime,” says 7-year-old Sawyer.

“The trick is, when you open it up, there’s gonna be tons of slime in there and you’ll have to dig out all of your Breakout Beast pieces,” explains Mierzejewski.

Party Pop Teenies ranked high too.

They pop open to reveal packages with mini accessories and a collectible doll. Just prepare for a little confetti clean up after opening.

Mierzejewski says you may start to notice a theme: “It’s a big trend in the toy industry this year to have different ways to get your collectables.”

Smashers, pretty self explanatory, you smash the plastic open for your collectible.

Orbeez Wow World, you add water to see your new collectible friend.

Play Foam pals, open and dig through foam mini-balls to find the collectible.

For Harry Potter fans, the ‘Mystery Flying Snitch’ by Wow Stuff was a show stopper.

“That’s really cool right, looks like you’re flying the snitch,” says Mierzejewski.

The game Tumball seems like fun for the whole family. It’s like a suspended version of Jenga.

The kids also tried out a 300-plus-piece Lego Batmobile set, remotely controlled through a smartphone app.

It took a little while to sync the phone with the device and it seemed a little complicated at times, but the Batmobile did keep going despite losing a wheel.

The Massive Monster Mayhem Bash Armor was a little tricky to get on, and use caution because the bashing gets intense.

A 3-D Make Your Own Hexbug set got a lot of interest at first, but because of difficulty actually using the 3-D printing pen, and forming creatures in the molds, the kids lost interest after a while.

Shimeez two-tone plush pillows were another hit. By brushing your hand one way over the sequence, the pillow turns one color, and then brushing it back, the other way, the sequence turn another color.

“I like them,” says Anna.

But at least one of our experts say it was hard to chose a favorite.

“What was your favorite toy," we asked Sophie.

"Everything,” she says.

For a look at all the top holiday toys from The Toy Insider and a link to purchase them, head to The Toy Insider website.

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