4 Ohio cities move forward with testing self-driving cars

4 Ohio cities move forward with testing self-driving cars
(Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Four cities in Ohio have signed agreements to begin testing self-driving vehicles on neighborhood roads.

The testing phase in Ohio’s Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Program will soon be taking place in Athens, Columbus, Dublin, and Marysville.

Springsboro is close to finalizing a plan to begin testing, while several other cities, including Cleveland and Youngstown, have shown interest in participating in the pilot program.

Marysville recently equipped approximately 1,200 vehicles with onboard technology, according to DriveOhio, Ohio’s center for smart mobility.

“Self-driving cars are going to reshape our transportation system, and we want to be ready for it,” said Dublin City Manager Dana McDaniel. “The best way to prepare for an autonomous future is to begin integrating these technologies into our vehicles and infrastructure. Participating in the pilot program will make it easier for us to do that.”

DriveOhio will assist the participating cities with several factors of testing, including:

  • Help communities determine specific locations to promote, such as neighborhoods that have particular needs or regions designated as specific districts.
  • Help municipalities figure out what attributes would be particularly attractive to researchers and testers, such as geography, population density, and unique weather patterns.
  • Help educate local law enforcement about autonomous and connected vehicles.
  • Promotes partnerships to companies and other organizations that partner with DriveOhio.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has not indicated when testing will begin in the four cities.

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