Baker Mayfield: ‘No regrets’ regarding harsh take on Hue

"I do everything with a purpose”

Baker Mayfield: ‘No regrets’ regarding harsh take on Hue
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield walks on the sideline during an NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, in Cleveland. The Chiefs won 37-21. (AP Photo/David Richard) (Source: David Richard)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Baker Mayfield knew the question was coming. Ever since he kept it to a handshake instead of a hug with Hue Jackson.

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“Everybody likes to make things a bigger deal than they really are”, Mayfield said on Wednesday. “It is how it is.”

But it wasn’t just the postgame diss. It was the following day’s tweet, when, under fire, Mayfield called Jackson “fake”.

"There were just thigs that happened inside of the building that I am not going to go into detail with", Mayfield said. "It is in-house information. It does not matter."

The bottom line, this is Baker Mayfield. It’s one of the best things about Baker Mayfield. It’s not a false confidence. It’s a swagger that’s contagious. Despite what the critics may think.

Mayfield was asked if he’s ‘slipping back into his immature Oklahoma days’?

“Some Oklahoma mistakes, as in like sideline gestures or getting arrested? No, those are the only mistakes that I made at Oklahoma. People get maturity confused with me being 100 percent comfortable in my own skin. That is absolutely how I am. I have always been that way. It is not immature. It is me being exactly who I am every day, being that same guy for our team, and I think that is very important for us right now.”

Which is why he shouldn’t...and doesn’t...regret any of this.

“No, people took it as me personally attacking Hue. That is not it. It is the fact that I get to have my own opinion on how transpired, and he gets to do what he wants. That is how it is. Although, I am an athlete, I am not a cookie-cutter quarterback. I never have been and never will be. I speak my mind. That is just how I am. I did not like the move. People do not have to care. I am not looking for anybody’s approval. I do not regret any of it. It is about this team and what we have, and we have to stick together and play together.”

And the way Mayfield’s playing, it’s clear he thrives under pressure. On the field, and off.

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