Ohio State football should be just fine moving forward

It’s a new day for the Ohio State football program

Ohio State football should be just fine moving forward

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Can the Ohio State football program stay on track following the loss of one of the greatest college football coaches of the last 20 years? The Buckeyes had little trouble transitioning from the Jim Tressel era other than a down year during the transition to Urban Meyer.

Ohio State football should be just fine moving forward

This, however, feels different and a big reason for that is the guy that will take over for Meyer has never been a college head coach.

Ryan Day, other than the three games he filled in for Meyer at the beginning of this season, will step into the well-oiled machine that is Ohio State football.

Dustin Fox, who played for Tressel on the 2002 national championship team, is convinced the program is in great shape moving forward, “I just trust the program, they’re going to do the right thing, they always have,” Fox said, “The program is bigger than any coach or any player.”

That is unquestionably true but it will take enormous work to keep the program at the level it enjoys today. Day is considered one of the brightest young minds in football, but this will not be as simple as just changing the conductors running the engine.

The infrastructure that Meyer built will, for the most part, remain together as will the coaching staff but in the end the Buckeyes will win or lose based on how Day works as a recruiter. Meyer brought in top 3 recruiting classes just about every year and did so while dominating in Ohio.

Fox believes this will be the key to his success, “Not only do you need a great coach, you need someone who is a great recruiter and I think the number 1 thing Ohio State has done throughout the years is they’ve done a great job recruiting the state of Ohio,” he says.

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