Sagamore Hills salt shortage raises eyebrows

Sagamore Hills salt shortage raises eyebrows
(Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There is a shortage of road salt for one Northeast Ohio community.

The Trustee of Parks John Zaccardelli said until Jan. 1 of 2019 the township will only salt the intersections, hills and curves when there is a major snowfall.

Sagamore Hills salt shortage raises eyebrows

Some areas will not get salted.

Zaccardelli said he’s known for some time the township would be short.

“We got no deliveries this year at all," he said.

“And when did you know you weren’t going to get one,” Cleveland 19 asked.

"We have known about this since August or September of this past summer,” he answered.

About 500 tons of salt is leftover from last year.

Zaccardellli and Trustee of Roads Paul Schweikert said the salt comes from the Cargill mine.

No deliveries until January, we reached out to Cargill and in an email they said:

We are also addressing a water leak in Cargill’s Cleveland mine that is lowering our salt production capacity for the 2018-19 winter season.

After winter came early the trustees wanted to get the warning out to the residents.

They are hoping the extreme winter weather will hold off. If it does, they’ll manage with the salt they have now.

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